mobiSQUIRT iPhone app for MegaSquirt and MegaJolt


Version 1.0.1 rev 1 available to testers

There have been a few issues/requested features since the release of the app to the App Store. This test release resolves some of the issues raised so far.

One encouraging element from the release feedback has been the MS2-Extra support seems to be working for some people too which is good to know as the first release was focussed on MS1-Extra support. While i had started working on the MS2-Extra support it had had very little testing.

I've added support for TestFlight into the test versions of the app in the hope that it will make it simpler for people wishing to try out test versions to register their devices and receive updates as they are released. You can request to join the beta testing program here.

V1.0.1r1 contains the following changes since V1.0..

  • Increased communications timeout values to try and resolve a reported issue with page data being truncated.
  • Added an AFR Gauge type - currently this supports Narrow Band ¬†AFR
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the app to crash if a connection to the adaptor couldn't be completely established.
  • Fixed a problem with the MS2-Extra module that results in spurious values being displayed in the throttle position.
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  1. PLease i have a problem with your app as it crashes before it connect , i have to open the app several time before it stops crashing and connect , i use the RN-134

    another thing how do i connect the this module with the tunerstudio
    i followed those steps on this link :

    but i couldnt connect please if you could help me about this issue i will be grateful

    • I assume you are using the app from the App store rather than a test/beta version ?

      If that is the case can you please make sure you go into the settings app on your device, select General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage and make sure “Automatically Send” is selected. This will ensure that when you sync your device using iTunes, diagnostic logs are sent to Apple and the MobiSquirt crash logs will be sent to me so I can see exactly what’s going wrong.

      I’m not sure about the WiSnap COMTCP and if it can be used with the RN-134 module. I would check with WiSnap and see as it may be that they’ve configured the driver to only work with WiSnap specific modules rather than the generic RN-134.

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