mobiSQUIRT iPhone app for MegaSquirt and MegaJolt

Transferring Files

Files generated by MobiSquirt can be transferred to your desktop computer using iTunes or by emailing them direct from your device (if your device supports email). After syncing, select your device in iTunes and then select the Apps tab.

At the bottom of the Apps screen is a "File Sharing" panel in which MobiSquirt should appear as an option. When you select the app the available files on the device will appear to the right. Select the file you want to transfer and click on the "Save To..." button to save it locally.

Log files will be named datalogxxxxxxxxxxx.xls where a date and time stamp will make up part of the name. These are standard MegaSquirt log files that can be viewed in a spreadsheet application or one of the tuning/viewing applications available for MegaSquirt.

There may be a number of other files visible, depending on the options you have used...

  • gauges.plist contains your current gauge configuration settings
  • logfilecache.plist contains an index of your log files
  • settings.plist contains your current connection settings
  • pages.plist ┬áis similar to a .msq file and contains the configuration and other data pages received from your MegaSquirt during the connection process
  • rawdata.plist is generated when you have the raw data option turned on in settings. It contains raw realtime data packets received during the last logging session performed. This file in combination with your pages.plist and the last log file can be emailed to us to allow any problems you have encountered to be resolved.

If you have loaded custom .ini files for your MegaSquirt then the .plist versions of these will also appear once they have been processed by MobiSquirt see the configuration page for details

Sending Logs by Email

To send a log by email straight from your iOS device simply select the log to view it and, if your device supports it, you will see the Apple "Compose" button just to the right of the fast forward control. Tap this button and a standard email composition view will appear with the current log file already added as an attachment. Set the destination address, make any additions/changes to the rest of the fields and tap the send button.

It is anticipated that future versions of the app will allow other MobiSquirt files to be sent via email too, particularly the diagnostic files. With iOS 5 iCloud support is also an option I intend to support.

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