Moving on

It seems from the testing feedback that the MS1-Extra functionality is working now on all the firmware versions it has been tested on. I will be sending out another test version that incorporates the changes I’ve needed to make to resolve issues with older MS1-Extra firmware.

Once that is done I’ll take another look at the signed up testers to see which is the next most common MS firmware in use by the testers and concentrate on that version for the next release. I suspect it will be a close call between MS1 or MS2-Extra as there don’t seem to be any MS2 “vanilla” users signed up at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Moving on”

  1. Hi. I’ve been following this with some interest. I would like to be added to a test group if possible. Running ms1 v3. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

    1. If you complete the contact form via the menu above, you’ll be added to the distribution list for the next test version. It’s “kind of” running OK with MS1 at the moment ! 🙂

  2. I’d like to be added to the test group as well (MS2E). Sent you the contact form twice over the last couple of weeks but didn’t get a reply? Have the RN134.

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