New Test Build 1.0.1 (254)

As an interim update I’ve added a new test build to TestFlight which registered testers can access. If you’d like to be added to the list for future test releases you can sign up to TestFlight here… – Don’t forget to add your devices so they can be included in the next test build.

The iPhone aspects of the app should be considered as a “Release Candidate” but the iPad views still need a bit of work. The main areas that require testing are the new connection functions and the MS2-Extra support. As per my previous post the connection architecture has undergone a major rebuild and on my test setups I’m seeing massive improvements in the time taken to establish a connection.

The MS2-Extra support was almost working in the previous release version but the logging wasn’t implemented properly and many of the gauges were hit and miss. This latest test version should resolve those problems and both record logs correctly and replay them on the iPhone/iPod platforms.

If the response to this test build is positive and the iPad version looks like it will drag on for more than a couple of weeks then I’ll release an interim version to the app store.