Installing MobiSquirt

Release versions of the MobiSquirt app can be downloaded for free from the app store. Simply search for mobisquirt or megasquirt and it should appear and you can install it directly on your phone.

The app requires a minimum of iOS9, very few devices cannot be upgraded to iOS 9 and above and supporting earlier versions makes app development much harder. I apologise if you have one of these very early devices but trying to support them will lead to development stalling again.

Test versions of MobiSquirt are shipped using Apple’s TestFlight app which can be downloaded from the App Store. I will need to register you as a test user with Apple, they will send you an email confirmation and, once you’ve confirmed, the available test versions of the app can be installed.

All I need is your email address and you can be added to the TestFlight users for early access to test releases.

15 thoughts on “Installing MobiSquirt”

  1. Can I test out this new app? And what Bluetooth connector do you recommend I have microsquirt. Thank you


  2. Can I also test? Would love to, and im an apple beta tester so I can give you updates with new iOS releases too 🙂

  3. Hi
    Ive just installed the MJ lite, will this APP run with it? If so I would like to be added as a test pilot too.
    its the new version of the MJ ECU that now has a USB rather than the CAT5 connection.

    1. The MJ Lite used to work but I don’t have the hardware here to test against. Give it a try and let me know ! If it doesn’t work I’ll try and figure out why, it may take some test versions to get it to work but if you’re happy to experiment and give feedback we should be able to work through any issues/bugs.

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