MS2-Extra… It lives

I’ve finally completed the MS2-Extra implementation and the app is now happily logging and displaying data more or less as it should do. There’s a problem with the throttle position input that I’m trying to pin down but at least the grind of coding all the data mapping and logging is done which is a relief !

I’ve had a few people sign up for testing and some donations are starting to arrive. The donations are being put towards a spare MS2 daughter card for my test setup at the moment as that will allow me to test both version 2 and version 3 firmware by swapping the daughter card rather than having to keep reloading different firmware. I’m still a little way off sending out a test version of the app so if you’ve signed up as a tester don’t worry too much if you don’t hear anything for a while. I will try and acknowledge all test requests within a week or so, it all takes time so please be patient 🙂

Happy New Year !

2 thoughts on “MS2-Extra… It lives”

  1. Just wondering if there is any further development and any beta available?
    I am building a Ms2 now and would love to use my IPAD2 or iPhone.
    Many on Turbobricks use Ms- I can point you to the superusers for veal if you like.

    1. Test/beta versions have been sent out to registered testers. The current test version is focussed on MS1-Extra users and testing is just about complete. MS1 support is being finalised now and MS2-Extra will be rolled out after that.

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