Testing, Testing

As I have started making final preparations for the first test version of the app to ship I’ve been considering the best ways to resolve any problems that arise and to allow users without the suitable interface hardware to be able to try the app out in a demo mode.

To help with this I’ve added a “Raw Data” logging mode to the app which will create a shared file containing the raw data supplied from the MegaSquirt ECU. Once I’ve tested this I’ll send the first test release out to the registered testers that responded to the last email I sent out. Testers will then be able to send the files with a note of the problem encountered and I should then be able to reproduce it.

I’m also developing a simple “server” application to run on one of my web servers that will mimic a MegaSquirt connection and respond with raw data captured from the app. As well as giving an easy way to provide a demo facility it will also allow me to simulate tester’s MegaSquirts on my private server so I can review and resolve any issues reported. The demo server will be launched sometime after the test app is shipped , I’ll notify all testers by email with the details when it is available. Initially you’ll need to enter the IP address and Port number into the settings screen, in the final version I’ll probably just have a “demo” switch that sets it up for you.

As support for each version of MegaSquirt is added I’ll add a demo service for that configuration that will be used as the baseline for regression testing of the app as new versions are released.