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The few spare hours I’ve had in recent months have been spent modifying the app to be a “universal” app, running with native views and controls for use on an iPad as well as the iPhone/iPod supported by the current release version.

The iPad version uses slightly different navigation between the various screens and functions. The tab bar used on the iPhone version has been whittled down to 3 options on the iPad as settings have been moved to the realtime gauges view. The extra screen space on the iPad allows the data view to be viewed at the same time as the gauges.

Due to the way the iPad is used it is more important that the app supports different orientations so all the views in the iPad version can be viewed in any orientation.

The first release version is likely to be more “functional” than “pretty” as the extra screen size tends to be less forgiving to my pretty poor graphic design skills. Hopefully someone will volunteer something a bit slicker once it’s out there and users have the chance to see how it works.

The MS2-Extra logging functions should also be fixed in this version as well as the various fixes and additional functions that have been added in the test versions since the v1.0 release.

3 thoughts on “iPad Version”

  1. Very cool! – Can’t wait to get my hands on.
    For support with the graphics, feel free to contact me.

  2. Hi.

    Is the iPad version available now? I have the iPhone version on my phone and it’s fantastic. Just looking to get it on my iPad now for a bigger screen.

    Many thanks,


    1. Not yet, it will be in the next test release and then the next app store release. I’ve got some bugs to iron out in the MS2-Extra logging code then it’ll go out to test then the app store, not sure on timescales at the moment – depends how much spare time I get.

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