Project Status…

Apple have removed the app from the App Store as the app doesn’t natively support current processors.

As a result of a lack of feedback and any interest in testing the app from users, I have not released the new version of the app that was in development and the project is currently on hold indefinitely while I devote my time to other projects that are better supported by the user base.

That said, I still expect to come back to this project at some point if only for my own use on my own vehicles. When that will be will be determined, as ever, by the amount of free time I have available.

2 thoughts on “Project Status…”

  1. I am moving my car from a Hydra Nemesis to a MS3Pro. I looked on the internet and found your post and page. I would be very interested to have the iPhone/iPad capabilities. Please keep me informed with you get it going or need a beta tester. Sorry I’m late to the game.

    1. MS3 Pro support is still a future development bu the app is currently undergoing testing and is likely to be released to the App Store in a few weeks.

      I’ve added you as a tester and you should receive an invitation via email from Apple.

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