MS1 and MS1-Extra Support

The app is back together again following the major changes I ended up making to the data layer.

Had some real problems downgrading to standard MS1 code on my test ECU but eventually got it working after a fashion. The CPU appears to be “locked up” as it’s not responding to inputs or firing any outputs but it is responding to serial commands and returning data as if it were running, very odd but good enough to test the basic functionality against.

The app now runs with MS1 and MS1-Extra and switches between the two automatically so, providing the standard conversion tables (thermfactor, kpafactor, throttlefactor etc…) are being used then you don’t need to load any configuration files.

In response to requests I’ve had a quick look at MegaJolt support but I’ve been unable to find any information regarding the serial protocol it uses so ┬áhaven’t made any decision either way at the moment.

I’ll add MS2-Extra support next as I can use the ECU out of my competition vehicle to test that with, MS2 B&G support/testing will probably have to wait until later in the week when I’m hoping the MS2 daughter cards I’ve ordered will arrive.