Multi-Version Support

The first versions of the app worked well with MS1-Extra because that happened to be the ECU configuration I had on the bench when I started development. Over time though the design of the data engine has caused some issues when trying to support other firmware versions.

I’ve made a start now on breaking the comms and interpretation part of the app apart to make coping with different transport layers and different firmware versions much simpler in the long term. In the short term the app is in a pretty sorry state but I think a few more evenings work and I’ll have it back together again and running.

As part of this process I’ve looked at leveraging the transport layer into a class of it’s own too. That should go a long way towards resolving the problems of running with a log file as a data source, making the gauges and various data views work with a saved log file. That also allows a “demonstration” mode which can use a log file embedded in the app bundle.