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Finally got word that the two MSII daughter cards I ordered have cleared customs and are finally on their way to me. Thanks to those that have donated so far for numbing the financial pain of buying them a bit !

Having two daughter cards pre-loaded with v2 and v3 MS2-Extra should speed up my testing substantially.

As a bit of distraction therapy from wading through MegaSquirt .ini files I decided to put together an initial icon for the app. It will do the job for the moment, if anyone wants to submit something better please do so, don’t worry about the 3d gloss finish as that is added by iTunes.

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  1. What are the chances of an Android app for this too? Should be pretty simular and would open it up to a larger audience?

    1. At the moment I’m struggling to get time to work on the iPhone app and that will continue to be the priority. It may be possible to port it to Android when it’s complete but whilst a lot of the core code could probably be ported fairly easily much if the interface will need to be written from scratch. I do want to look at Android development in the future so it’s not completely out of the question, just not any time soon.

  2. Hey man I’m looking into running all my gauges on an iPad for my retro rat project. Which can be seen here I would love to help on this project. I don’t know any objective c but I could learn / work on UI stuff. I work full time as a software developer and I primarily develop in C# . Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

    Also whats the current status of the project?

    1. Sad to report that time is still in short supply due to paying jobs but I’m optimistic that these will ease up soon and I can get some of my spare time back to work on this project. I’ve decided to rearrange the release schedule somewhat for testers so that I can get something out there for people to evaluate. I’ll post a new blog entry soon with more detail.

  3. Are you still working this project? I assume yes bit want to ask before I buy a rn-134

    Which module do you recommend for a jeep wrangler? What module do you recommend?

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