Current Progress Review

As mentioned in the comments, spare time has been a bit of a luxury in the last few months as a number of paying jobs and motor sport commitments have taken their toll. Things are finally easing off a bit now though and I’ve finally managed to get some more time in on MobiSquirt and now is as good a time as any to review the progress so far and make some changes to the development roadmap.

I really want to get a version of the app out there for those interested in testing it and the reality is that the more versions of MegaSquirt I try to support in the first test version the longer it will be before I can send anything out. As a result I’ve decided to concentrate on MSnS-Extra for the first test release as this seems to be the most widely used firmware among those that have expressed an interest. Once that is out I’ll then get the MS2-Extra running, then MS2, then MS1, then MJ.

MSnS-Extra support is complete now as far as the realtime gauges/data views are concerned and the logging is working. I have a couple of UI tweaks to do still but the realtime aspect is probably 98% ready for test release 1. The log review/playback functions still need a fair amount of work to get into reasonable shape and, for the first test version, I expect to have both data and gauge log playback views functional.

I will add a “mark” facility/button for realtime logging and, for devices that support it, the “mark” will also record your location so a map can be displayed showing where you were when the mark was created. As part of that work I will add latitude/longitude fields into the log files as well as the existing acceleration/deceleration fields.

I’m going to add a forum facility to this site to allow testers/contributors etc… to exchange information, report any bugs/feedback, new feature requests and so on. Test versions of the app will be posted there too for download as and when I release them.

I won’t tempt fate by giving a timescale on the first test release, hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later !


One thought on “Current Progress Review”

  1. Really excited about the progress your making, well done.
    Looking forward to using this on my SBC383 running MS2 v3.0 msextra.

    Keep up this great work.


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