New test build 1.0.1 (261)

I’ve had some positive feedback around the previous test version and have been working on the iPad views for this new version, particularly clearing up some issues around the log replay views for the iPad.

I think the iPad version is now functionally at the same point as the iPhone version so assuming nothing comes up from the testing of this version it’s looking good for a hybrid iPhone/iPad release to the app store in the next couple of weeks.

Build 261 has been released on TestFlight for evaluation by the registered testers. There are some testers who are signed up who currently don’t have any devices registered, please make sure you register your devices – once you are signed up simply visit the from your device browser and log in, you will be given the option to register the device at that point. You can’t load or run the test versions of the ¬†app on devices that aren’t registered.

2 thoughts on “New test build 1.0.1 (261)”

  1. Hi Dave
    I tested this release on my iPad 2 with msextra. There’s a problem with the RPM display. It jumps arround like creay.. Idle speed is shown as 4xxx rpm.
    How can I help to resolve this problem?

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