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I now have a working MegaJolt Lite Jr that has been lent to me for testing and development so I’m beginning work on the connection and logging classes to support it. Not sure yet which versions of MegaJolt it will be compatible with initially but hopefully that will become apparent as development progresses and I work my way through the tech notes.

The outstanding MegaSquirt version support (MS2 B&G code) is also on my list of things to add. I may end up adding them both as part of a single update or add and release each one as a subsequent release. I’m not sure how many users there are of the MS2 firmware but no doubt there will be some.

As always I’m open to any other suggestions and/or bug reports for the current release versions or the test versions. Feedback from users always gives a boost to the development effort, if only because it lets me know I’m not the only one using the app ! Version 1.1 now has over 200 users since it was released so hopefully some of those users are using it for logging and display !

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  1. Hey there man!

    I would like to thank you a lot for the effort u r putting in this project & I would like to let u know that u have all my support & help if I could be of any!
    I’m using MS2Extra code, the 1.1 working perfectly, data r being transfered smoothly & displayed nicely, no lagging or any issues I experienced.
    As you mentioned for your next steps, I wonder when will we be able to alter our MS parameters right from our iPhones on the fly! I know this is a huge step, but I’m sure it’s doable & you are getting there.

    As I mentioned earlier, I would be so happy to help & test if you would need any help, you should have my e-mail address by now.

    Kind Regards,
    Cairo, Egypt.

  2. Just found this app, need to get a wifi adaptor for my megasquirt. The first thing I noticed is how you can’t change the display, would like to be able to choose what gauge/gauges, for example just airtemp or map other than that keep up the work, awesome concept

    1. You can change what is displayed by each gauge by double tapping on the gauge. You can also set the display units, warning minimum and maximum values and alarm minimum and maximum values.

  3. Also with megasquirts that have USB-serial adaptors or just USB ports, why can’t we just plug in with iPhone lead?

    1. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that at the moment. Whilst it is possible to physically connect the two together using a USB lead there is no way of getting the two to talk to each other via this method. There are further details on why this doesn’t work in the support forum.

    1. Eventually it should support all versions, MS3 Extra should be next on the list once MS2 and MS2 Extra are finished.

  4. For my application a GPS speedo would be awesome on the gauges screen. Doesn’t have to be big just nice to be on the same screen. I use this on a scooter as my gauge cluster iPhone mounted on the bar. So with the addition on speed I can have all the gauges a car would have and more.

    1. I’ll try and add it into the next release, it shouldn’t take much to add it in.

  5. Great work, looking forward to Megajolt support (v3 for me hint hint).

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