A quick update

Sadly this project has fallen victim to a lack of time and priority compared to all the other things that take up my spare time.

There has been some progress as, yet again, I embarked on another architecture change, this time around the way the logs are created and stored and the way the incoming data is analysed. This is aimed at streamlining the data capture process and, hopefully, this will speed up the entries per second for the logs which have been down on where they should be, particularly on the MS2/MS2-Extra devices.

The iPhone 5 question has been resolved once and for all as Apple will no longer accept apps or updates to apps that don’t support iPhone 5. Anyone still using an iPhone with an iOS version prior to 4.3 will no longer be supported through the app store although I will continue to support older versions in the test version of the app for a while at least.

At the moment I’m not sure when I’ll get any real time to devote to this project but I’m optimistic that in the next couple of months I will at least be able to get the current test version into a state where it can be submitted to the app store.