Another Update…

Following a sabbatical which included driving around Australia in my Land Rover. I’ve started to tidy up the code base that I was working on for the next release version.

A lot has changed since the last release with new iOS releases, new iOS devices, new beta testing options and Roving Networks being consumed by MicroChip.

The iOS changes have at least resolved a few issues – the problems I was having supporting new versions of iOS without alienating users who wanted to use the app on old devices have been resolved.

The new release will be an iOS 8 app, it will run on iOS 7 and should be OK on iOS 7 but it will not be possible to test on iOS 7.

I will be using Apple’s TestFlight to ship test versions of the app to “beta testers” and with this in mind anyone wanting to test the app will need to apply using the contact form.


2 thoughts on “Another Update…”

  1. This is great news! I have been stalking this site waiting to see if you were still active. I am trying to use an iPad mini running iOS 8.4 as my dashboard using data from my MegaSquirt II v 3.57. With roving networks being bought do you have a recommendation for serial to wi-fi? There are an amazing number of options.

    1. I’ve not been able to get hands on with any adaptors to test them but I’d say the WiSnap is the safest as that uses the RN module which we know works.

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